IBS affect 1 in 5 people in the UK. Although large numbers of people are being diagnosed with this condition the pathology of the condition can differ from sufferer to sufferer which is unlike most diagnosable conditions. Common symptoms can include bloating, gas, wind, constipation, diarrhoea, and debilitating “urgency to go” but low mood, poor sleep and skin problems can also be part of the problem for some people.

“I have seen people within my clinic who were afraid to go more than a short distance away from their homes (and their own toilet) due to the fear of being caught short”.  

IBS in my experience covers a number of issues for most people – the 5 pillars. You may not need to address all 5 pillars; some may not be relevant to your health. The aim of this workshop is like a pick and mix for IBS, you can take away the advice and implement the bits you need to help yourself.

We will cover – The 5 Pillars

  • Digestion
  • Food intolerance/parasites
  • Gut bacteria
  • Daily habits
  • Stress

We will discuss the best ways to eat, drink and live to support improvements and supplementation options that may also help. You will also receive a goodie bag which will include samples, additional information and a gift voucher worth £10.00.

Workshop details

5 Pillars of IBS Resolve

Thursday 29th June - 6:15pm till 8:30pm (approximately)

At Neal’s Yard Remedies, Saturday Market in Beverley.

Cost: £20.00 per person

Tickets can be purchased by contacting me (Lisa) on 07952 489027 or emailing Lisa@realisation-Lifestyle.co.uk or popping in store at Neal’s Yard Remedies, Beverley.  

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