Having boundless amounts of energy or even enough energy to get through the day seem to elude so many people.

Energy or lack of energy means different things to different people; for some people low energy can mean tired all the time or it can be dead in the morning and wide awake at bedtime or you could be desperately tired but can’t fall asleep “tired and wired”.

The impacts of tiredness can effect all areas of our lives from your work life to home life even your love life can suffer if you feel continually tried.

Having energy should be simple.......

                                  You  + Food = Energy  



Just saying "food" doesn't quite cover it; on a cellular level it takes 9 vitamins, 6 different mineral and a steady supply of glucose in order to produce energy efficiently. Any action or factor that reduces even one of these vitamins or minerals can slow or even grind energy production to a halt. 

If you would like to know more about how you can change the way you eat and live to optimise your energy production join me for my 

                              Optimum Energy Workshop

                                            at Neal's Yard Remedies, Beverley 


                                               Thursday 9th November at 6pm.


                                                                   Tickets can be purchased directly from myself or by

                                                                           calling (01482 861558) or popping in store.  

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