Most people only consider their diet & nutrition when they have some weight to lose but your nutritional intake is able to do so much more………

Starting with the basics; your food is made up of carbohydrates (your energy), protein (the building blocks), Fat (energy and a bit more) and fibre (keeps your body “moving”) – this is a very simplified explanation. Along with these nutrients your body also absorbs vitamins and minerals from our food. Imbalances in your vitamin and mineral intake and absorption can often be linked with increased risk of disease and poor health. During specific times in our lives we need to optimise our nutrition for the best health outcome times such as during periods of stress, during pregnancy or during periods of chronic ill-health.

Medications and chronic health issues can affect your ability to absorb the nutrients within your diet. A common incidence of this is the long-term use of stomach acid suppressant medications such as omeprazole which reduce the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12, iron, magnesium and calcium.

For people with the chronic health condition hypothyroidism optimal iodine intake is essential. We can easily forget that our diet really is the building blocks of our body and with consideration od balanced nutrition poor health is only round the corner.   

As a Registered Nutritional Therapy I work with people to achieve optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Nutritional therapy doesn’t look to replace advice from your GP but it aims to support you in achieving optimal nutrition so that your body is best equipped to help itself.     

If you would like to find out  more please contact me to arrange a discovery call. 

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