Lisa Hutson Nutritional Therapy and Pilates

Have more energy, look amazing and feel your best!


Prior to starting your nutritional therapy journey –

You might have a few questions, you might be wondering if nutritional therapy can help you. Contact me to book a free 20 minute chat (either face to face or over the phone) to discuss your current health and your health goals.

If you decide to go a head -

You will be asked to complete a health and nutrition questionnaire which includes a food diary. Your initial consultation will be booked once I have received this; this allows me time to prepare and research your case. 

Package options

Nutrition basic – £90 (90 minutes)

This is for you if you don’t have a health concern or you think you are already on the right track but would just like some additional tips to get you where you want to be. From your nutrition basics consultation you will receive a list of do-able action points which will support you in achieving your health goals.

Nutrition Makeover - £199.00

This package includes you initial consultation (90 minutes) and 2 follow-up consultations (60 minutes each) used over a 3 month period. The nutrition makeover will give you a personalized health plan which will address your health & wellness concerns. Over the 3 months this package will be tweaked and changed to get the perfect plan for you. The plan will address nutrition and lifestyle changes and may include supplement recommendations were appropriate.

Nutrition Optimization - £250.00

This package includes you initial consultation (90 minutes), 2 x follow-up consultations (60 minutes each) and 3 x 30 minute phone calls used over a 3 month period. The Nutrition Optimization package includes all the support offered within the nutrition makeover package but is designed to help keep you motivated and support you through the changes you are implementing.

Ongoing support - £30 per month (Minimum of 6 month commitment - must be paid by direct debit).

Rome wasn’t built in a day and optimal health takes time and consistency. Once you have completed your initial package (not available following the Nutrition Basics) you may still have a little work to do but don’t necessarily need face to face support. The ongoing support package offers you 1 x 30 minute  phone consultation per month and email follow up to help keep you on track.

Between Consultations
If you require more information or you have any questions relating to your plan I offer unlimited email and text support so I can support you through the process of change.

I am happy to communicate and work together with your GP or any other healthcare professional involved in your care. I never recommend nutritional therapy as a replacement for medical advice.