How to avoid snacking when working from home.

Are you currently trying to get to grips with working from home again? Are you trying to stick to a health resolution while working from home? And more importantly for this post how many times have you found yourself with your head in the fridge searching for “something”? Working from home, home-schooling or in isolation … Read more

How are you coping during isolation?

I wrote this post originally at the start of lockdown 1.0 as we enter into lockdown 3.0 I think being aware of our mental health and using our nutrition to help us is even more important. So if you have read this before and found yourself here again maybe there is something here that you … Read more

Quick Desk Workout

Check and reset your posture while at your desk. This quick 8 minute workout can be repeat as often as you need too. No equipment needed.

How is your energy during isolation?

You are staying at home, getting more sleep doing less than normal but feel more tired – how can that be? You might even be getting more sleep but still you feel like you could do with an afternoon nap. During this period of isolation, I’m sure many people are experiencing this but why? And … Read more