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Food Intolerance

Unlike many people who offer food intolerance testing I only offer these test with a follow up consultation included. Food intolerances can be complex and a number of mechanisms maybe playing a role. Having a food intolerance may not mean that you need to avoid the food forever but the initial management of the situation is crucial; it is important to establish a health balanced diet in order to maximise nutrient intake to support long-term success. Plus I will look at your results in the context of your current health situation as opposed to taking a snapshot (the results) and then offering dietary advice.

To get a better understanding of how food intolerances can occur you can find out more here.

We offer a range of intolerance testing

  • Lorisian 75 - £199.00
  • Lorisian 100 - £249.00
  • Lorisian 150 Plus - £299.00

The number stated is the number of foods tested, each food is analysed for an IgG response. All tests include a health and diet analysis and 45 minute face to face or phone consultation. 

All tests can be purchased directly from me or by popping in to Neal’s Yard Remedies in Beverley.

Elimination and challenge is seen as the “gold standard” in food intolerance testing.  It is best used in cases where you suspect specific foods and there only a small number of foods (1-3 foods). Within this package you will receive a full diet and lifestyle analysis, support in removing and re-introducing (challenging) the foods, completed over 3 face to face or telephone consultations.  I will support you in developing a food plan for the month which fits into your lifestyle but still avoids the suspect foods.

I offer a free 30 minute chat to discuss which option is best for you.  You can book this by either calling me on 07952 489027 or click here