Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?

You can book straight on to your first class by calling Lisa on 07952 489027 or email [email protected]. If you have more questions, or would like to discuss any concerns or health issues you have that might affect you doing Pilates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What should I wear?

Any comfortable, loose clothing, such as a T-shirt with leggings or tracksuit bottoms, or else shorts of a respectable length. Clothing such as skirts, jeans or tight trousers are too restrictive and not recommended for Pilates. Pilates is ideally performed in bare feet (or with thin socks) so you can wear whatever shoes you choose to come to class.

How long is a session?

Classes and private sessions last 60 minutes, unless stated otherwise on the timetable.

How big are the classes?

Class size is dependent on the venue, but a maximum of 16 participants is in place.

How often should I come?

People do Pilates anywhere from once a week to once a day, but twice a week is common and what we suggest for most people. Even if you just take just one session a week, you should try to do at least a few minutes of Pilates – whether at home or work – on a daily basis. I can give you handouts to support your private practice.

When can I expect to see results?

‘In ten sessions’, suggested Joseph Pilates himself, ‘you will feel the difference; in 20 you will see the difference; and in 30 you will have a whole new body’. Most people do start to feel a difference after 10 sessions, getting the sense, for example, that they are walking taller and moving in a looser, suppler way. The longer they persist, the more they will tend to see and feel the shape of their body slowly change.

Is Pilates mainly for women?

Far from it. Pilates, after all, was invented by a man, Joseph Pilates, originally for his own benefit – and was only later adapted for women. Men, what’s more, tend to be less flexible than women, and so need Pilates even more. There are countless male celebrity devotees of Pilates, from Hugh Grant to Martin Amis, John Cleese, Ian McKellen, David Beckham and an ever-growing number of famous footballers, rugby players, cricketers and other professional athletes.