Lisa Hutson Nutritional Therapy and Pilates

Have more energy, look amazing and feel your best!


Rome wasn't built in a day and optimal health takes time and consistency. 

My packages are designed for you to see realistic changes; I do not offer quick fixes that are unsustainable. I work with a limited number of clients so I can offer a supportive 1 to 1 service. 

Intensive Health Package - £250.00

This package includes a 90 minute initial consultation and 2 x 45 minute follow ups at weeks 4 & 8. Within the package we will also have 2 x 30 minute phone catch ups (usually at weeks 2 & 6); these call will offer you practical support, help to keep you motivated and tweak your plan when needed. 

Digestive Health Package - £599.00

Do you suffer from urgent bowel movements, bloating, gas or digestive discomfort? Do you suffer from an auto-immune condition. The digestive health package includes a GI Map stool test; this test offers information on multiple GI targets, including pathogens, bacteria, worms, yeasts, parasites and comprehensive antibiotic resistant genes, alongside intestinal health, digestive, and immune markers. Within the package you will also receive all the support included in the Intensive Health Package.  

Ongoing support - £30 per month (Minimum of 6 month commitment - must be paid by direct debit).

Once you have completed your initial package you may still have a little work to do but don’t necessarily need face to face support. The ongoing support package offers you 1 x 30 minute phone/video call consultation per month and email follow up to help keep you on track.

Coming soon - Wonder Woman Health Programme - this is health optimisation for the modern woman.