Lisa Hutson Nutritional Therapy and Pilates

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Working with Lisa


You may have been living with your symptoms for a number of years and because of this you have seen a few different health professionals; each professional has their own way  of working. Here is a little information as to what to expect when working with me.  

 Prior to starting your nutritional therapy journey –

You might have a few questions, you might be wondering if nutritional therapy can help you. Contact me to book a free 20 minute chat (either face to face or over the phone) to discuss your current health and your health goals.

If you decide to go a head -

You will be asked to complete a health and nutrition questionnaire which includes a food diary. Your initial consultation will be booked once I have received this; this allows me time to prepare and research your case. 


I have a special interest in the following symptoms and conditions -

Digestive upset - do you find your life is rules by know where the toilet is? Do you feel uncomfortable after eating? Are you embarrassed by excessive gas? You may have been give a diagnosis but finding it difficult to get relief from your symptoms.

Metabolic conditions - are you looking for additional support for in managing blood glucose levels (including after diagnosis) & cholesterol.   

Tired all the time - this maybe as part of a chronic condition that your are already aware of or a symptom on its own. Your tiredness may have had a sudden onset or have developed over time.

Auto-immune conditions

Hormone imbalances - hormones rule our lives but they should not ruin it. Dietary changes can be key in managing unwanted symptoms including mood changes, sweating, pain and dryness.


 Please note, I do not work with the following:

  • Eating disorders and disordered eating behaviour
  • Weight loss and weight management. (note, this may be part of the constellation of your health, that’s fine, but if it’s your primary goal I will be happy to refer you to another practitioner)
  • Neurological conditions
  • Mental health disorders
  • Autism and the autistic spectrum
  • Alzheimer’s disease / Parkinson’s disease
  • Sports Nutrition

I am very happy to refer on to other practitioners who specialize in the above areas.