How to avoid snacking when working from home.

Are you currently trying to get to grips with working from home again? Are you trying to stick to a health resolution while working from home? And more importantly for this post how many times have you found yourself with your head in the fridge searching for “something”?

Working from home, home-schooling or in isolation the kitchen is now only a few steps away. How ever busy you are it is amazing how many times you can find yourself with your head in the fridge as a distraction from whatever you were supposed to be doing. 

I thought I would share with you my tips for avoiding mindless snacking:

Set your schedule 

You may not realise it but during the day you will take mini power breaks; at work you will have a little chat with a co-worker, pop the printer when you could have waited or make a cuppa. The Pomodoro technique suggests setting yourself a task and working on it for 25minutes then take a 3-5minute break. You may want to play with the timings on this but consider the principles; by setting specific breaks you can plan what you will do in those breaks; get a drink, go for a walk in the garden or set up a video chat with a co-worker this way you can avoid finding yourself with your head in the fridge.

Don’t buy it

Depending on how good your hoarding skills where you might be starting to run low on the things you would usually snack on (if not see the tip below) so this is a great time not to restock. If you have snack foods in at some point you will feel down, stressed or bored and just want a pick me up but if it’s not in the house (and most of the shops are closed) you won’t be able to have any. 

Eat your meals as normal 

Avoid missing meals by sticking to your regular schedule. Working from home you may be tempted to miss lunch and “just get on” or you might think you have all the time in the world to plan your meals but often we get busy and then suddenly you will be hungry this is often when snack attacks hit and once you start snacking it’s much harder to stop. 

Have a snack box

If you do have snacks in and you’d like to have the occasion snack why not have a snack box. Put your snack(s) out in the morning and pace your way through them during the day. Do this straight after breakfast when you have just eaten because planning your snacks at this point will help you a create a balanced snack box. 

Stay hydrated 

Keep a glass of water or a cuppa handy. Staying hydrated will help you to avoid mindless snacking as dehydration can often be confused with hunger. 

I hope you are all keeping safe at this crazy time; look after yourself and your loved ones. xx